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This is Why

We are living in extremely challenging times.  Geo-political conflicts are resulting in millions of people being displaced from their homes, forcing them to seek refuge in other countries.  There is increasing concern of rising inflation and shortage of fuel, wheat and grain.  Health care services around the globe continue to strain under the effects of the coronavirus, and we have yet to identify the broader impacts on the well-being of people following the pandemic.  Experts repeatedly warn of the dangers caused from globally rising temperatures and we’ve witnessed food shortages, crop failures and weather events which impact those in low-income countries more severely.  

Sometimes, it’s easy to feel confused about how to respond to all these different issues.  But lately I’ve been reminded of Jesus’s words, “In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world. (Jn 16.33).  

This statement reminds me that injustice, disease and hunger aren’t the end of the story.  Even more than overcoming the world, Jesus conquered death.  The miracle of Jesus’ resurrection is the foundation of our hope.  Through this hope, we are able to demonstrate God’s heart to those around us.  

At Tearfund Ireland we believe that all Christians have an obligation to bring God’s goodness, love and justice into the circumstances around us.  But, rather than treat this obligation as a duty, we count it a privilege to demonstrate the heart, nature and character of God in practical ways.

This is why we have responded with food and emergency aid for people in Ethiopia, Yemen and Somaliland who are facing extreme hunger due to crop failure and drought.  

This is why we are providing basic essentials and hygiene kits for families fleeing conflict in Ukraine and northern Ethiopia.  

This is why we have maintained our support of Syrian refugees who remain camped in Lebanon. 

This is why we continue investing in and strengthening the Self-Help Groups throughout southern Ethiopia. 

And, this is why we work to protect vulnerable children in Cambodia and raise awareness about the harms of orphanage volunteering.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our team, our partners and for those who receive support from our programmes.  If you are not currently receiving our monthly prayer email, please consider signing up HERE.  

We deeply appreciate all you do to practically demonstrate the goodness, love and justice of God with us.


Cover Photo: Members of Gannet Self Help Group in Ethiopia. Credit: Tearfund Canada