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A Response to Ukraine

'For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,'

~Matthew 25:35


We are deeply saddened and troubled by the recent events in Ukraine. We pray for an end to the violence. We pray for the safety of all involved. We pray for all who have fled their homes, that they will find assistance from those in neighbouring countries. We pray that governments, communities and individuals will continue their generous provision of hospitality to those seeking refuge. Ultimately, we pray for the tangible reality of God’s justice, righteousness and peace across the region.

In addition to our prayers, we have the opportunity to act. Tearfund Ireland has always had a priority to focus our work where the need is greatest for the most marginalised and vulnerable. This priority has meant that most of our programmatic and humanitarian work has been directed outside the borders of Europe. But the recent events in Ukraine are causing a humanitarian crisis involving millions of people. Tearfund Ireland is responding to this need.

We have a partner based in Slovakia who has been actively supporting thousands of people fleeing their homes. Through this partner we can assist with food, shelter and basic essentials. If you are in a position to assist in this please donate here.

We know from years of experience supporting thousands of Syrians who sought refuge in Lebanon how tragic, difficult and life-altering this is for people. In recent months, we have done our best to support people in Ethiopia who have left their homes as a result of conflict. As an organisation which is part of the Church community in Ireland, we are compelled to act in this crisis in Ukraine. 

We live at a time where people all around the world are facing challenges most of us in Ireland cannot fully comprehend.  But we are part of God’s Church. We, as His Family, have the privilege to represent His heart, His compassion and His goodness to all who will hear our words and witness our actions. We invite you to join us in demonstrating practical support for those in need.

Tearfund Ireland is part of the Irish Emergency Alliance (IEA). In the coming days, the IEA will be launching an appeal and this will be another avenue through which you can donate.