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A Day of Prayer and Fasting

A number of churches and organisations are joining together for a day of prayer and fasting on Sunday, 2nd January 2022.  When I was contacted and asked if Tearfund Ireland would consider supporting this endeavour, my decision was immediate.  Yes, we will support it.


In Tearfund Ireland we have always been an organisation committed to prayer.  We’ve rejoiced in watching God answer prayer, we’ve learned patience as we’ve persevered in prayer and we’ve experienced our own transformation as we seek His heart in prayer.  But, in recent times, we have felt compelled to pray more.  This is not just a desire to have particular needs met or solutions for challenges we face; but we have sensed a tug, a pull to venture further, deeper, closer to Him.

We have been intrigued with how God has invited us to understand and know him, the one “who practices steadfast love, justice and righteousness in the earth” (Jer 9.23). Our work puts us into a daily confrontation with the source of injustice and broken relationships which attempts to strip people of their dignity.  Across the organisation we have held onto the conviction that Justice and Righteousness are foundational to His reign and authority (Psalm 89.6).  But recently, we’re pressing further into the relational nature of this principle.  We have a renewed hunger, a collective desire to know Him better.  We are humbly, sometimes with miss-steps, but always with child-like desire, pursuing him.

Over the last few years the challenges faced by humanity have wearied even the strongest and most capable.  On top of wave after wave of a global health crisis, we face increased geopolitical crises, conflict and catastrophic weather events which have created massive humanitarian emergencies all over the world. When facing these prolonged periods of seemingly intractable symptoms of injustice we must remain connected with our source of strength.  Do we confront the challenges from a point of principle or from relationship?  

I want to see a world in which His justice and righteousness reign on earth as they do in heaven.  My heart’s desire is to understand His ways so that I might know Him more intimately.  This is the road I have chosen to travel but each of us must decide how far we’ll venture on this journey.  I sincerely hope to meet you along the way and, perhaps we’ll have an adventure as we journey together.

As a step, I invite you to join Christians all over Ireland as we pray on Sunday, 2nd January 2022.


Cover Photo Credit: Pedro Lima